Our Story

      It all started with our founder. After growing up as part of an agronomist family in the countryside of Brazil and understanding the increasing interest of organic products for industries, Ollie Permanent was settled in collaboration with producers around Brazil.


        We do care.

        We are a Fair Trade and Fair Wild firm where sustainability is defined in three pilars:

        ambiental, social and economical. 


       Ollie Permanent´s mission is to provide oils and organic in natura products to global clients, and at the same time develop the regional producers and communities in Brazil. We have  producing farms in São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Mato Grosso do Sul regions.      


      Our B2B operation is dedicated to provide organic products to industries while taking care of the quality certifications, delivery and exportation processes.  


      We have developed a great job here. Come get connected with us!



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